Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tuscany and Lakeland

As I couldn't carry on with D's jumper yesterday, it was out with some more wool and a new start. I used the Sirdar Tuscany that I bought for 50p a ball a few weeks ago. This is what it looks like, and I love it.

I am using Sirdar pattern 8611, the round neck sweater. As it is knitted on 8mm needles it knits up really quickly. I was able to complete the back before I went to bed last night.

This evening, I have almost completed the front. I just have to do one side of the neck.

I have also found a tapestry that has been forgotten for a couple of years and have begun working on it.

As the colours painted on the canvas are so close, I will only be able to stitch on this is good natural light. As the heavens opened this afternoon, the good light didn't last very long. All I managed to do was to fill in the brown area. I am looking forward to being able to stitch using a different colour.

Today I ordered the DMC threads for the poppy cross stitch and they will be in the post to me tomorrow, so hopefully, they may arrive before the bank holiday. I also ordered some material to make the lap quilt, but I am not sure when that will arrive. Tomorrow I have to try and find some batting as well as the wool for D's jumper.


Kucki68 said...

Looks like you did dig in the UFI drawer and came up with more than one project (wouldn't we all?).

Ginnie said...

Lovely colours in your new knitting. I keep meaning to get my tapestry out and finish it as I am pretty close, but I can't get motivated to do that one!!

Karan said...

Wow, love the mix of colours in your new knitting project. :0)
Look forward to seeing the tapestry develop - that's something I could never get on with (hated the feel of the wool pulling through the canvas *shudder*).