Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Been busy but not a lot to show

Well last night, I wasn't feeling too good so I wanted something to do, but didn't really want to have to think about what I was doing. D's jumper was perfect. I could sit and knit, no complicated pattern to follow, and just relax before going to bed.

Here is where I have got to on the front. I still have at least four inches to knit before the shaping for the neck.

Today has been quite frustrating. My admiration goes out to all those designers out there. I have been working on the samples today. Not sure if it was the rude awakening at four this morning that affected my brain, or it was just me. I lost count of the number of attempts that I stitched and unpicked before I got one that worked for me. Even then, I wasn't that happy with it. After that, something clicked, and once we had had tea, I stitched another one in a tenth of the time. This one was a lot better. I just can't understand how it took that long to work out!

That is just one of the samples done and I have a real pain in the thumb to prove how hard I have worked today. I hope it feels better tomorrow as I have another one to stich. Even more importantly, I hope inspiration strikes before I've had too many attempts.

One good thing has come from this exercise though. I have come across some needlepoint stitches that I would like to use and I may have a go at doing some small samples to use for cards as practice.

I've also come up with n idea for a quilting project that I would like to attempt.

I have a full length, narrow window in the hallway that faces into the porch. I would like to cover it , especially with the winter coming, and thought that a quilted hanging would provide an attractive focal point to the hallway and have a practical use too. I will have to give this some thought over the coming weeks. Maybe it won't be this winter, but one day.....

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Angela Moore said...

I adore designers. They make my life easier. I am not a designer. I've tried it (just that name tag that I did was a total pain) and I've come to grips with the fact that I am not a designer. Perhaps one day, but definitely not today.