Sunday, 10 August 2008

Baby Bolero

I managed to get this knitted up Friday night before I went to bed, even if it meant frogging the front back to the decreasing to do it again. Don't you just love knitting for babies, it is so quick and frogging doesn't seen so bad as it would for an adult garment.

I am using wool that has been in my stash for years. I think it was something that my mum bought. As there were only 3 balls, I've been waiting for a baby girl to knit it up for.

The wool is a gorgeous soft lilac colour, Jaegar Matchmaker Merino double knitting. It is sooooo soft to knit with. D chose the bolero pattern from the Peter Pan Tiny Classic 3 knitting booklet. We are hoping to have enough for bootees or a hat too.

I had hoped to be able to spend the afternoon yesterday knitting, but we ended up moving furniture instead! Wonder who had that good idea?

The front room has been completely rearranged to make room for my rocking chair which should be coming up in two weeks. Can't wait to be reunited with it, but it meant 4 hours of hard work yesterday. The boys worked so hard, helping to move furniture from one place to another and back again. By the time we finished, we all had aching muscles and were very tired.

We were all very pleased with the result, but it is taking some getting used to, everything is the opposite side to where it has been for the last seven months.

Let's hope that today, my aching joints and muscles can get the opportunity to relax and partake in some much needed knitting time.

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