Monday, 11 August 2008

Baby Bonnets and Mitts

Managed to to get some knitting down between walk to the shops and the doctors today. Days like today make you appreciate how easy life was with a car!

I started and finished the baby bonnet today complete with picot edging and picot folds.

My mum would have called this a pork pie crust.

I've not done this before. To get the fold you have to knit into the stitch on the needle and the stitch three rows below the picot row. It is a bit fiddly and takes a bit of time, but well worth it.

I now need to get some ribbon to finish the bonnet as well as buttons for the bolero. Hopefully I should be able to get them Wednesday.

Next on the needles were the mitts. I managed to finish the knitting of the first one, but the seam and edging still needs to be stitched.

The boys still want bootees, so I will have to check on the wool situation after the other mitt is knitted. It will be another chance to practice my picot folds!

It is TAST tomorrow and I will feel right at home. The stitch this week is cross stitch. Happy stitching everyone.


karen said...

Oh, this makes me really broody!! Don't tell my husband!

Jelly Wares said...

I don't know where I'd be without a car either... Love the picot edged baby bonnet...

Jodie :)

Karan said...

Such a sweet baby set. The picot edging really looks pretty. :0)