Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A few starts, but no finishes

It's been a funny couple of days, quite a few unexpected distractions, so I've started a few things, but no finishes! I am hoping this will change tomorrow.

I started a baby bolero yesterday and I had hoped to have spent more time on it to have it finished for tomorrow. However, I've had coxalgia which resulted in a visit to the doctors this week as the pain was getting unbearable. It meant last night I went to bed early as I needed to lie down. I haven't quite mastered knitting lying flat in bed. I'll post a picture tomorrow of what I have done so far.

Today we unexpectedly stayed out all day, so I popped into the craft shop and picked up a small kit to do while I was waiting around for the boys. It's a Permin of Copenhagen cross stitch kit of poppy fields. I've always loved poppies.

This is the CQ block that I am using for this weeks TAST. The featured stitch is fly stitch and it's variations. I've used plaited fly stitch using varigated hand dyed silk
Closed fly stitch
Reversed fly stitch
And threaded fly stitch
I definitely want this finished tomorrow and we have decided what we are going to do with these blocks. I am going to make some lap quilts. All being well, each quilt will be made up of blocks of the same colours. I know for definite, we are going to have a green one.

Don't think I will be getting anything else done tonight except to catch up with some blog reading.


Miriam said...

Lovely fly stitch variations. I have to figure out how you made them, did not do any variating of the fly stitch myself for TAST.

Rudee said...

Now you've got me with coxalgia. I had to look it up. I have that too with all my other back problems. I completely understand. I hope you feel better.

I love those stitches and have to look into learning some of these decorative stitches when I'm weaving things I've knit. I'm thinking of afghan squares that differ but would be joined by a beautiful stitch like this. Do you think something like that would work? Where do I learn a stitch like this for weaving purposes?