Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Too Tired

I got woken up early hours this morning by a noise. Still haven't worked out what it was, but once I was awake I couldn't get back to sleep. This meant that when I sat down to stitch, my eyes didn't want to stay open. All I managed was part of this line of stitching. Then I had to have a nap.
Does mean this evening, I'll do some knitting. Don't have to concentrate on that.
The postman was kind to me today. The fabric arrived to finish the quilt, so guess what I will be doing tomorrow?


zetor said...

Hope you get a full night's sleep tonight.

karen said...

Hi! Can't find my awards?? Thanks anyway, and hope you sleep well tonight. I saw about the towers in Sheffield on the news (from your other blog) It looked spectacular when they came down.

Olenka's Stitches said...

The sampler you worked on looks very pretty. I hope you get a better sleep tonight.

loulee1 said...

Hope you get a better sleep.

Your blackwork is very dainty

Karan said...

I do love blackwork & this is looking fantastic - so looking forward to seeing more. :0)
Hope you haven't had any more disturbances - I have occasional nights like that & usually end up downstairs stitching or curled up reading on the settee until I fall asleep.