Thursday, 7 August 2008

TAST-Fly Stitch

Weyhey, one finish to report. TAST for this week is now complete.

I only had three seams to finish today. Here I did one row of fly stitch facing one directiong, then turned it around so the stitched between were facing the opposite direction.

On this row I have done reversed fly stitch and then woven the stitches with a contrasting thread. This makes for quite a nice raised effect.

This was a fun row. I added a bead on each of the straight stitches of the fly stitch. I alternated between the heart and the bee beads.And here is the finished block.
One thing I have enjoyed with this project, is to see how different effects can be achieved by using the stitches in different ways.

After I had done this, I had a sort through of my stash of kits that needed to be done. I was looking to see if I had a blackwork kit for a SAL on a Yahoo group I am a member of. I unearthed a few "treasures".

I had thought I had caught up with so outstanding projects that I had in progress and that my stack of UFO's was down to one(this only has about a dozen stitches to do. I had run out of the right colour floss). How mistaken can you be! I have found about five or six cross stitch projects and a few needlepoint ones. In all fairness, I didn't start all of them, some were inheritedand waiting for me to finish.

I did know I had a tapestry in progress-think I may have started about 2 years ago, and I managed to find the tapestry yarn for it today. This was good news as I thought I may have had to go out to buy some.

I think I will be joining a couple of the UFO's groups on Stitchin Fingers to get them finished.

First, I think I'd better do some cross stitch cards. One is to send to a friend and one for the card swap on Stitchin Fingers cross stitch group.


Ginnie said...

I love learning about new stitches on your blog! This one has a nice effect. Looks like you'll be busy with all those unfinished UFOs you unearthed!

zetor said...

I do like that raised fly stitch , so impressive.

karisma said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your stitching is truly beautiful work! I always love to see something new and original! You are very talented.

I really do love the Indian kit I am doing, I coveted it for a couple of years before splurging and buying it! (Ok I got it for $40 less than the original price so it was sold) Dimension kits are not cheap down here! Having said that, I have four more in the cupboard awaiting my fingers.

Now if only my children would take care of themselves I might just get to it.

Miriam said...

The fly buttons are very cute!

Carolyn said...

I like the fly buttons. They add to the piece.
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