Sunday, 24 August 2008

Blackwork SAL-Stitchers Heaven

I think the knitting gods have it in for me at the moment. As I was waiting for supplies for D's jumper, I thought I would finish mine. It wouldn't have taken too long as it was such a quick knit. Seemed good in practice until I ran out of wool! So frustrating as I usually end up using less than the recommended amount stated on the pattern.

Never mind, it's not as if I am left with nothing to do.

Today was the start of a week long blackwork SAL. I eventually decided to do Sampler Espanol found here- Quite a few on Stitcher's Heaven are doing this and I thought it would be fun to join in. Just seemed appropriate too, as D starts Spanish lessons the first week of September.

I didn't intend to dress to be coordinated with my stitching, but that is what happened. Skirt and blouse matched the thread I was using.

I am stitching on a pale grey 28 count linen, over one stitch. I am using one strand of Anchor 873 for the stitching.

This is what I have managed to stitch today. I was hoping to have completed the whole of part one today, but it wasn't to be. I certainly know that this project is going to take longer than a week to stitch. I am almost three quarters the way through part one.

I haven't done much blackwork before, but I do like to see the variety of the stitches you can achieve. It's great not having to be restricted to just using black thread.

I have a couple of blackwork projects here to do as well, one is to be started, the other is an UFO, so I may just be inspired to get them finished too.

Last night, I did start D's other jumper, managed to knit a few rows of rib before a power cut put paid to anything practical. I will show you details when I have got a bit more to show.


Miriam said...

It is a nice sampler. I am looking forward to see more blackwork on your blog!

zetor said...

Thankyou for the award, that was very kind. Your sampler looks good.

Joanie said...

Love your blackwork sampler. Looking forward to more progress. I've never tried blackwork, is it hard?

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