Thursday, 14 August 2008

Baby Knickers!

I had some fun doing some cross stitch samples today, certainly easier on the thumb than needlepoint. It is still a bit tender after yesterday.

I also managed to clear some stash!!!

No, I haven't stitched it, someone on freecycle was looking for some threads etc for cross stitch. I had a container of anchor threads, some charts and freebies from magazines I was able to give her. It was lovely to be able to send them all to a good home.

This evening, I turned my attention to the baby set. I knit the other mitten and sewed them up and then started on the bootees.

The boys came in whilst I was in the middle of knitting the bootee, so I lifted it up to show them progress. "Baby knickers!" exclaimed J. When I turned the needles round to have a look, I can see what he meant.

It didn't look that way once the knitting was completed and sewn up. Now I just have to hope that I have enough yarn to do the second one.
This is D showing what the baby will look like with the bonnet, bolero and mitts on. He is adding the bootees tomorrow. How unnatural does that look!


Carrie Ellis said...

oh those mitts are so adorable! I hope you have enough to finish the set.

I'm sure it will look much better (aka normal) when the baby can model it for us.

Rebecca said...

They really do look like knickers - don't you love other peoples take on things!

Glenna said...

baby knickers! I can see what he meant too. Very cute.