Wednesday, 20 August 2008

TAST-Barred and Alternating barred chain stitch

I was doing so well last night with D's jumper. I finished the first sleeve and was ready to get stuck into the second one. I knitted to the end of the ball and then found, I had no more. How frustrating that is! I now have to wait until Friday until I can go and get some more.

This is how far I managed to get done.

I did my last green CQ block today for TAST. The stitch this week is barred chain stitch and alternating barred chain stitch. This one took a bit of practice to get, but once I got the rhythm, it wasn't too bad. Definitely a stitch with plenty of potential.
This is the finished block. The photo is not that clear, sorry. On the close up, it's easier to see the stitches.I used barred chain stitch on one seam, another had two layers of barred chain stitch. The last seam I used alternating chain stitch.
Next week is a free week, so as long as I can get the materials I need in time, I will use next week to make all these blocks into a lap quilt.

Once I had finished stitching this weeks block, I thought I would get my blackwork piece ready for a SAL at the weekend. Just as well I did, as I found that the packet had come open, and I was missing the thread for stitching. I will have to try and find a replacement on Friday.

As I couldn't do that, I then decided to get out the cross stitch UFO out for the SAL on Stitchin Fingers. I was trying to work out where I was on the pattern for about ten minutes, then came a flash of inspiration.

I turned the stitching the other way up, and it was so obvious. I had been wondering how I could have got it so wrong.

Having sorted that out, I sat down to stitch only to find I didn't have the correct threads. This may have explained how it became an UFO in the first place. However, I am determined to remedy the situation later this week. So,although,full of good intentions, nothing achieved!

This evening I will start another knitting project. It will be a jumper for me. Details will follow tomorrow.


Ginnie said...

A bit of a frustrating time on some projects then! Barred chain stitch looked interesting, glad you managed to master it.

karen said...

I understand your frustration at not having enough/the right type of thread or yarn. I am still on hold waiting for my thread to arrive, good old royal mail eh!

Kucki68 said...

I just love poppies, they are all summer for me.

Karan said...

Another great piece. Hope the wool & thread situations are sorted soon.
Butterfly is perfect for the coaster finish. :0)