Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TAST-Cross Stitch

This was my canvas for this week's stitch. I felt as if I knew what I was doing this week as the chosen stitch was cross stitch. A pleasant afternoon was spent having fun with these familiar stitches.
I used tiny cross stitches on this beaded edging to couch it into place.
In this section the print of the fabric was the basis of the large cross stitches. I then used beaded cross stitch on the legs and in the centre.
A couple of the seams I just used a line of cross stitches. On the one above, I used hand dyed varigated silk and on two seams I used narrow ribbon.
I just used simple cross sitches on this section, the printed flowers deciding the positioning of the stitches.
Here I have again used cross stitch for couching this flowered edging.
I also added some larger "beads". These ones are irregular in shape and size and just add a bit of interest.
This is the finished piece.
I think I have one more green block to do next week and then I will make my first ever lap quilt. D has already claimed this for himself.


Anonymous said...

wow! very talented! i like this! :)

Angela Moore said...

Beautiful! I love all the detail shots. Must. Get. Work. In. Progress.

Karan said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see the finished lap quilt. :0)