Monday, 30 June 2008

An Unfinished Object No Longer

The sort out bug has stayed with me today. You think when you move, you have everything sorted, trouble is, finding it the other end.

I have a window seat in the bedroom that I use for storing craft items, but I didn't know exactly what was there. So today, it was emptied and sorted.

One of the bags I found contained partly knitted jumpers and cardigans. They were ones that I had been knitting to use up yarn from other projects, but I had run out of yarn before they were complete. I had kept them on the off chance I would find the correct yarn to complete them. One of the items was this baby jacket.

While I was in a sorting out mood, I remembered that there was a bin liner in the wardrobe with yarn in. I thought it was the ideal time to check what I had and if I could use it. I was absolutely delighted to find the yarn to finish the little jacket.

Here is the finished item.

I hadn't found the pattern, so I did the collar from memory. It seems to look ok here, so hopefully it should be fine when it is worn. Now to get some buttons.

I also started to do another baby hat using the Sirdar yarn that I had left over from the baby set I completed a couple of weeks ago. It will be making it's way to the States when it is complete.


ambarbre said...

This turned out really cute! I love the lacing up the sides. If you have scrap yarn in a complimentary color, you could always make your own buttons. I find they stay on better than regular buttons. Where in the States is it going?
Can't wait to see what you do next!

Miss 376 said...

It's going to Austin, Texas. The lady is expecting a baby about the same time as my sis in law, early November.

Karan said...

Very pretty finish.
I try real hard NOT to go delving in some cupboards & corners here, for fear of what's lurking in there - I don't want the guilt trip! LOL

Vanessa said...

Very cute! Love the pattern and color you used. What a treasured find!

zetor said...

What a lovely cardigan, and you were lucky to find the exact wool.

Judy B said...

Adorable sweater. The collar looks great.