Saturday, 7 June 2008


As I was growing up I was very lucky in having a couple of lovely neighbours that were kind enough to spend time with me and pass on some of their handicraft knowledge. One, Auntie Jane, showed me the basics of crochet, and Miss Hepple, who showed me latch hook rugs. It was something I always fancied to try when I was older.

This is a latch hook rug kit that I bought to do for the boys bedroom. I found it a very relaxing experience to make and it was lovely to see it progressing on the frame.

It was supposed to be a rug, but I felt it was too nice to walk on, especially as the boys were quite small at the time, so I made it into a wall hanging.

The edges were sealed with binding which was machine stitched to the edge of the worked area, then hand stitch into place covering the edges of the canvas. The mitred corners meant that they were not too bulky. From the binding I made two hanging tags. It was then ready to hang.

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Serena said...

My sister was big in to latch hook rugs in our younger years. I agree with you, it is way too nice to be walked on. :)