Tuesday, 1 July 2008

TAST-Cretan Stitch

As promised, but a day later, the Firefly top being modelled. Lovely for a day like today.

As I was at home ed group today with the boys, I took some knitting and have completed the bay hat. Just have to sew it up tomorrow.

After that I was free to concentrate on todays TAST. Focus of attention today was the cretan stitch. I was amazed at how varied the stitch could be. I am going to explore this on the crazy patchwork piece.

I am going to continue using the different styles over the seams and then do some motifs on the panels. Those of you that know what you are doing, will probably see where I started, it certainly got easier as I went along. Using it in layers, I could see how this stitch lent itself to doing spiders webs.

I think I will do some leaf motifs as I like the shapes. I am looking forward to trying some more cretan stitch tomorrow and seeing how far it will go.

D also is having a go. You can see him beginning his stitching by looking here - http://loopyandsonslearningadventure.blogspot.com/


Karan said...

Oooo the top looks really glam - love it. :0)
Your crazy patchwork piece is just the sort of experimental thing my friend Alex loves doing - I love it but I'm no good at it. Will enjoy wayching this piece develop. :0)
BTW, I don't do fish hooks either.

Miss 376 said...

Karan, this is my first attempt, so not sure that I am very good at it. Going to use a different panel for each stitch