Sunday, 15 June 2008

Two Down, One To Go

The completed pram blanket as promised.

With the hat.

D came home and thought the hat was really sweet. Think he has plans to make one.

I thought it would be a great day for getting on with knitting today as I had a quiet day to myself and I thought I was doing quite well with the back of the baby jacket. That was until I realised that I had used the wrong sized needles!

That was happens when you stop rechecking the pattern and I was distracted by nursing a sick hamster.

As I seem to have plenty of wool, I just cut it off and resarted from scratch. At least I was able to complete knitting the back of the jacket before the boys came home. I even started one of the fronts. I will show you pictures tomorrow.

Maybe I didn't get as mcuh done as I had expected, but at least I am on the last item of the set. I'm even thinking of going and finding a pattern and some yarn to do a jumper for the boys tomorrow.


Judy B said...

Love the seed stitch border on the blanket and the hat is so cute. I love knitting baby things even though I have no babies in the family to knit for. I often knit little hats for the preemie babies at the hospital. Love the yarn too.

Karan said...

That hat is just so cute - it's going to be a lovely baby set. :0)
Hope the poorly hamster gets better soon.

hokgardner said...

What pattern is the hat? I love it and would like to make it for the bundle I'm baking right now.