Friday, 6 June 2008


I made both the boys a beanbag when they were little. It was quite a simple project to do.

The fabric was folded, right sides together and machine stitched around the three open sides, leaving an opening to turn it out and to insert the beads. Once that was done, the opening was hand stitched closed.

The boys loved sitting and lying on them, but over the years the beanbags have become rather flat. The bean bag beads have become compressed and the beanbags had become rather uncomfortable. As the boys still enjoy sitting on the floor to watch television, I decided to give the bags some attention.

First of all, I machine washed the beanbag. I knew I wouldn't be able to do once it had been refilled and I wanted it to be fresh for them. Fortunately, the weather was with me and I was able to peg it out on the line to dry.

Next job was to open one of the seams far enough to be able to pour in the bean bag beads. I bought a bag of Habico Bean Bag Top Up from Hobbycraft. I wanted the opening in the seam to be large enough to fit the opening of the refill bag into the beanbag. These beads go everywhere.

It was definitely a two man job. Whilst I held the beanbag open and holding the refil bag in place, D held the top bag in place. It was very satisfying watching the beads emptying into the beanbag and not over the floor.

Once all the bean bag beads had emptied in, it was time to reseal the seam. I did this by handstitching the seam closed.

Once it was completed, it didn't take long to find a volunteer to test it for me. Only one more bag to do, but that will be a job for another day.

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Judy B said...

My daughter is always wanting to sit on the floor but somehow a cushion just isn't big enough to squish up in the right shape. Thanks for the bean bag idea. I didn't even know you could buy special beads for the inside.