Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Project Bag

My youngest son enjoys trying many different craft projects and needed somewhere to keep all his materials together, so today I made him a bag.

First of all I made a pattern using lining paper. I used a contrasting fabric for the lining of the front and back panels. The handles, sides and base of the bag were basically tubes which were then turned out the right way and pressed so that the seam ran along the centre. All the panels were made separately and then machine stitched together.

Here is a picture of the front/back panel with contrasting pockets.

The panels were made by pinning the handles onto the right side of the fabric and then the lining was placed on top and pinned into place. I machine stitched all the way round, leaving a small opening to turn the whole thing right side out. The small opening was hand stiched into place.

I then machine stitched the side and base panels into place. Once completed it was turned right way out and then filled with D's knitting and cross stitch cushion.

D then had his first go at machine stitching. He made a lovely needle case in matching fabric. Go to http://loopyandsonslearningadventure.blogspot.com/ where you will be able to see the results.


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Miss 376 said...

Thank you. I think D gave me a compliment when he told me that it was "just like what a real person would make"! I'm still trying to work out what I am

Pooch said...

What a great project to do together! Looks so cute!