Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bargello Challenge

I did do a few rows of knitting last night, but I also started working on this bargello challenge from Stitchin Fingers.

The pattern is called Curly M. I just used what I had in my stash. Despite the colour in the picture which is really off, the yarns are in yellow, rust and green. They are hand dyed, but I have had them so long, I can't remember from where I got them. I think it was from a craft fair I attended many years ago.

It makes for quite a stunning pattern. I just have to decide what I am going to do with this piece. I may use it for a card, but I'll put it to one side and decide at a later date.


Linz said...

Wow, this is unreal!
I love it!

Beth said...

The pattern is really pretty, very 70s cool.

Karan said...

Very nice piece - I do like the look of bargello. :0)

Napa Needlepoint said...

I love this it's so pretty and so different from mine. It's such a great color combination.

Keep Stitching,