Friday, 25 July 2008


The boys are into some of the old sci fi programmes. Think they like laughing at the special effects, or lack of them. One they like to watch is UFO, which whenever I see it, I have Unfinished Objects running through my mind.

Two of them were finished today.

The scarf that I was doing yesterday has become a cowl. It wasn't the length that I liked for a scarf, but makes an excellent cowl.

The other thing I finished was the jumper for my friends daughter.

I had to crochet around the collar edge. It's not perfect, but for a non crocheter, I am happy. I did adapt the back opening. It was supposed to be croceted, but I didn't think I was up to it, so I knitted it instead.

Just the buttons to buy and sew on.

Then it was back to the cross stitch, but this still remains unfinished. I am pleased to have finished stitching the tree and almost filling in the left corner.

There's always tomorrow, once the cleaning is done of course. Now the boys are back, it just has to be done.


zetor said...

You've certainly had a busy day. Great work.

Anonymous said...

UFO! ahaha. that made me laugh. very good opening to showing off FO's. :)
that's a very very pretty cowl that you've made. i should make one sometime... it seems like a good idea. :D :D :D
better yet i should DESIGN one. how hard could it possibly be? *starts to get ideas*

Alison said...

Beautiful! And I like the idea of turning the scarf into a cowl and being not only done with it, but, it's just so perfect.

I'm not sure why "Follow the yellow brick road" popped into mind, looking at the cross stitch, but it's a delightful piece. I could picture myself skipping down that road.

--AlisonH at

Fioleta said...

The cowl looks wonderful. Good luck with finishing the cross stitch - I admire your patience and perseverance.

Karan said...

I watched those UFO programmes the first time round - it seemed pretty amazing back then but now it just looks cheesy. *sigh*
Love the cowl - it's perfect - & the jumper is so cute. Not long to a HD with the CC as well. :0)