Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Change of Needles

I have changed the embroidery needle for knitting needles today and as both the grand prix and the Wimbledon final were on, I needed a simple pattern.

The Firefly yarn has come out again for the second top. This is Sirdar pattern number 8779 and has a cowl neckline.

This top is knitted on 7mm needles which means a closer knit than the last top. Using the yarn for the second time is certainly a lot easier, I'm not losing control of the stitches as much as the first one.

As the tennis went on for such a long time, I was able to complete the front and make a start on knitting the back. I'm hoping I can complete it this week.

I have lots in mind to do over the next couple of weeks as the boys are going to be away. Below is a list of what I would like to accomplish and it will be interesting to see how much I have done when they return.

To Do

2 crazy patchwork squares and Take a Stich Tuesdays
2 flowers from the Summer Stitching Challenge
Finish the Firefly cowl neck top
A cardigan or jumper for a friend's daughter who will be four next week
Make a start on a jumper for D
Finish the Clarice Cliffe cross stich

(wonder if they can stay away a bit longer!)


Mary Jo said...

Wow, you must be fast! It takes me FOREVER to get through a knitting project. I am hoping to get better. I started a baby scarf for my son a few weeks ago...I'm hoping to finish before the snowflakes fly.

Ginnie said...

Well you are going to be busy.... yes the long tennis final meant I got plenty of cross stitch done!
Looking forward to seeing the cowl neck top.

Karan said...

Good Luck with your goals. :0)