Thursday, 24 July 2008

Unable to Stitch

The boys and I had a fantastic time at the cinema seeing Mamma Mia! and it was a unanimous decision to get this on DVD when it comes out.

This was followed by a trip round Hobbycraft and I got some threads and bits and pieces for my stitching projects. All will be revealed in due time.

Not sure if it was the screaming kids in Pizza Hut or the heat, but by the time I got home, I had a thumping headache which hasn't really gone away today. This meant that I was not able to stitch.

I hate sitting not doing anything, so the knitting needles came out and I began a scarf, just plain garter stitch.

This project is D's idea. I had a couple of balls of the Firefly yarn left and D suggested that I make a scarf, so here it is. I just cast on 50 stitches and shall just continue knitting until I run out of wool.

Hopefully I shall finish it tonight or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

hope your pizza hut induced headache goes away. I wanted to see Mamma Mia but Matt flatly refused so we are seeing x files instead :( . I am amazed you can cast on 50 stitches for a scarf and be finished in a couple of days. I must be the slowest knitter in the world. each row takes me ages - each scarf takes a year!

zetor said...

Lovely scarf. Hope your headache improves soon. We, English are not used to this heat!

Miss 376 said...

I used 6mm needles and this yarn knits up quickly. The joy of using larger needles!

Rudee said...

I like the way chunky yarns and big needles provide quick results. Thanks for visiting my blog (and for not being put off by a royal hissy fit.)

Annie said...

I love the look of that yarn. I feel your pain... I've had a headache for over 24 hours and not even good pizza to blame it on.

Karan said...

Great idea for the scarf - although you won't be needing it just yet. LOL
Shame about the headache - hope it didn't spoil what sounds like a good time out & you're feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mia is on my list of movies to see this month. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

There is nothing better than knitting a plain old garter stitch scarf to relax your mind. It's a lovely color.