Saturday, 19 July 2008

Day 10 - Firescreen

This was my project for today. This is a firescreen that I stiched some time ago. It was mainly long stitch in a Jacobean style. Highlight stitches were added when completed in floss.

I followed the pattern and the recommended frame was bought, but as you can see, it didn't fit the aperture. However, at the time, there was so much else going on, I didn't have the time to make the necessary adjustments.

So today was the day. As you can see from these photos, the bottom joints were damaged when we moved. For the last six months this firescreen has only managed to keep erect as it had support behind!

The back was removed from the firescreen and the stitching taken out and removed from the backing board.

The damaged joints were taken apart, re-glued and then put back together again using v nails.

I then waxed the frame. This is before..

And after..

The next thing was top tackle the stitching. I was very fortunate that I still had yarn left over from this project and, not only had I kept it, I knew where to find it.

I added an extra border on the top and bottom of the piece and extended the rows on either side.

Then it was time for a bath. The bath was just the right width to keep the piece flat and give it a gentle wash.

It is now ready for drying and restretching.
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The frame is lying flat with the joints weighted until they are completely dry and the stitching is drying, so I am going to have to wait until tomorrow to be able to put everything back together. I am looking forward to seeing this firescreen just as it should be seen.

There is plently of time left of today left, so I am going to turn my attention to the Clarice Cliffe cross stitch.

It has been a quiet week and I have accomplished a lot of what I had wanted to do. There are two things outstanding waiting for supplies-the childs jumper and the needlepoint, the firescreen will be completed tomorrow which leaves D's jumper not even started and the Clarice Cliffe cross stitch still to complete.

I am looking forward to the boys coming back tomorrow, but I shall make the best of the time I have left with my cross stitch. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend too.


Ginnie said...

The firescreen will be well worth the extra effort. Looking forward to seeing back together.

Fioleta said...

Your firescreen is beautiful. And even if you didn't finish everything on your list, you still accomplished a lot in one week.

Carolyn McNeil said...

The firescreen looks great! I did something similar about 20 years ago - though much larger - so I know how much work goes into a project like that. Go to this page to see "the four F's - Fish, Fowl, Flowers and Flutterbies":


Miss 376 said...

Carolyn, that is fantastic, must have been a real joy to stitch. Thank you for showing me