Saturday, 26 July 2008

Herringbone Stitch

I got up with every intention of doing housework, but I soon decided it was too nice a day to spend cleaning. Even with all the doors and windows open, it was really warm. I did some of the cleaning, then I decided to get on and do some sewing.

I did my CQ patch and caught up on one of the TAST stitches I missed. I did the first week's stitch which was herringbone stitch.

As usual, D had drawn out the pattern. This one was a bit more complex than the others. I think he is trying to see how many pieces he can fit onto one piece.

Here is the pattern he drew....

And here it is pieced together, pictured upside down, lol.

This is the finished block.

Here you can see some of the details of the block. This section I covered the whole patch with herringbone stitch ans then fixed a button in the centre.

On one of the seams, I wove a satin lace through the stiches. The other seam, the herringbone stich is holding the beaded tape in place.

This seam has two rows of herringbone stitch overlapping. You can't really see it from the photo, but the first row was using a varigated perle cotton, then over stitced with a plain cream perle.
You can see the varigated thread a bit more clearly on this photo.
Here you can see the herringbone stitch couching down the different ribbons. The buttons at the end of the seams just finished of the end of the ribbons. Extra buttons were stitched on for added interest-and the boys wanted them added!
Once the CQ block was finished, I did a bit of cross stitch and finished the area to the left of the tree. There is now just the bit between the black tree trunk and the purple bushes to be stitched. The end is getting closer.

By this evening, my hands needed a break from stitching, and as D had been asking, I made a start on his jumper. It's easy to knit and watch TV with the boys.

The yarn is self patterning and very subtle. It goes from brown to a coppery colour. Although it is 100% acrylic, it is very soft. I am using a Sirdar pattern number 4130, a pattern I have used before.


Wagonwife Designs said...

Just would like to say your work is wonderful. Crazy quilting is one of my favorite passions.
I also would like to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Did you find me through APQ quilting? Most of my work with crazy quilting was there.
I hope you will not mind me stopping by again. Love your work.

Miss 376 said...

I just found you by chance as I was browsing. Reading what you were doing just reminded me of my mum doing my wedding cake. I'll be pleased to see you anytime

karen said...

I can't believe the technical plan you have for your crazy patchwork, mine is just going down as it comes, I'm sure your way makes more sense!
In answer to your question, the text I use comprises of quotes from research into motherhood which I did for my degree.
Thanks for your lovley comments and always being interested in my work, Karen

Karan said...

Another great patchwork piece. Will be passing on your blog address to my friend Alex - she's very interested in what you're doing. :0)
Love the yarn colours on the new knit - looking forward to seeing more.