Monday, 28 July 2008

Been busy

I didn't get much time to do my knitting or sewing today. The boys and I went for a walk in the woods for a couple of hours and then I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Walking up the hill in the sun wasn't as much fun as walking in the woods! I even fell asleep on the settee-not sure that 5 hours sleep is quite enough.

Here is what I have managed to do. At least D's jumper has grown a little today, and any progress is good.

Got a few things to sort out this week. I need to find a cross stitch card to do for a swap I'm participating in on Stitchin Fingers cross stitch group. I know I have a few in my stash so I need to do a search. Won't be able to reveal too many details until after it has arrived at it's destination.

I also want to find the iron on embroidery patterns I have inherited that belonged to my great grandmother. I have always been planning to use them and I have got "the urge"!

My targets for this week is to do TAST, the back stitch on Clarice Cliffe, my cross stich card swap, and the last flower in the Yahoo Hand Embroidery Groups summer stitching challenge. In between, D's jumper will slowly grow. Let's see how it goes.


zetor said...

Your knitting looks good. I love looking at old embroidery transfers, unfortunately I don't have any from my Grandma but I do have some of my Mum's old knitting patterns. I find it fascinating that most of the patterns were 4ply or finer. I really would never have completed anything with those plys, lol!

Karan said...

I do like the colours & the pattern on this one.
This heat has had me falling asleep during the day & I haven't been for a walk! LOL
Looking forward to seeing the swap piece & what you do with the transfers. :0)

Miss 376 said...

I have all the knitting patterns too, and I have used them. I did a lacy top from around the 1940's in four ply. A lot of the baby patterns are in two ply which isn't so easy to find now.

Annie said...

That's a pretty yarn you chose for the jumper. It's looking very good, but it's so hot in my area right now, that I can't bear to think of winter clothes!