Friday, 3 October 2008

Tired but Satisfied

The plan worked!! I managed to get done all I needed to do this morning, and the boys did their work, which meant after dinner we were free to enjoy doing the things we wanted to do. It is so nice to get to the end of the day and see such positive progress. It is now possible to "see" what I am stitching. This is the veranda of the house and the beginnings of the bridge. Most of the bridge will be on the right hand side which is on the other pattern sheet.

I am really enjoying this cross stitch and all the colour changes ensures that I am not getting bored. I would love to be able to complete the stitching by the end of the month.

I do have some other commitments for this month, and whilst I was stitching, I was making a mental list of all I needed and wanted to do this month. I will list them here and see how much I can achieve this month

1-Thomas Kinkade SAL
2-2 ATC swaps
3-2 fabric postcards to make and send
4-TAST catch up blocks to piece and embroider-2 in total
5-J's jumper
6-sew buttons on cardigan
and to keep up with the poppy cross stitch and Lakeland tapestry. That should keep me out of mischief.


Karan said...

Wow, that grew quickly - great progress! :0)

Peg said...

Hi, thank you for popping in to my place, I hope you enjoyed your visit. It's lovely to see someone who's not to far away makes it feel good :o)
Very adventurous stitching you have there, hoping to pop back and keep up with your progress. Yes my life is pretty hectic but I love it.
Peg x :o)

Ginnie said...

You are going to be busy!! Love the stitching, it's nice when you can begin to see the picture emerging.

Elena said...

I love when you stitch and how the scene is starting to apper. I tis like creating your own painting! Even it is a lot of work, but the result and all positive emotins make us feel good!