Friday, 31 October 2008

TAST-Buttonhole Stitch

Today is the day. Yes, finally today we do not have to go out, and I am spending the day stitching, knitting and catching up on blogs.

I have now completed the buttonhole stitch block for TAST. This was one of the stitches from the beginning of the challenge before I started, so this is a catch up one for me.

This is the block seen as a whole. On one of the seams I used the same lace as I have used on all these blocks. As it is quite a long seam, I used two contrasting buttons to hold down the lace. All the buttons used on this block came from the box of goodies I acquired last month. I knew they would come in useful.
I have used buttonhole stitch here to follow a watermark in the material. It is a paisley shape and lends itself nicely for stitching around the curve.

Along this seam I added sequins and beads along the buttonhole stitch. It adds just a bit of sparkle to the block. These were a pack I found that came with a knitted suit I once had, and had been intended for repairs. Though I had kept them, I had never really expected to find a use for them. I have now, and for all the buttons I have collected.

I used just basic buttonhole stitch to go along the other seams but in this section I added some bee embellishments. I am hoping I won't be regretting this. I have just remembered I bought these to go on a cross stitch sampler with sunflowers on. I am now hoping these were spares.

I attached this button using buttonhole stitch. I went around the button twice before adding the buttonhole stitch "tail".

I am thinking I may do a freestyle embroidery piece using buttonhole stitch. I like the effects you can achieve using threads on different thicknesses.
Threads used on this piece were perle cotton, cotton knitting yarn and hand dyed silk.
Once I have caught up on some blogs, I am going to get the sewing machine out to do the next block.


Ginnie said...

Really pretty - especially love those little bees....

Stitch Witch said...

absolutely beautiful! I love how even your stitching is!!