Saturday, 18 October 2008

The frog has come to visit

Do you ever get the feeling you should just give up stitching?

Yesterday I picked up the Thomas Kinkade to continue stitching, but had to unpick some stitches on the right. One of the colours are french knots, not cross stitches.

After removing the offending stitches, I started on the other side of the roof and was quite pleased to be going to bed with it looking like this. Trouble was, when I started stitching today, I had realised I was out by one row, so I had to frog what I had done yesterday.

The result is, tonight I am no further forward than I was last night. Maybe this is not a good piece to work on when I'm not feeling one hundred percent.

I did get something right today. I have completed another fabric postcard.
The central motif has been appliqued using blanket stitch and herringbone stitch along the seams. The back and front were over stitched together using quilting thread. You may just about see a clear leaf attached to the top left. This is a dropper from a broken earring and seemed to go nicely with the leaf theme on the fabric.

I am hoping that the frog has found somewhere else to visit tomorrow, or else I may not have a lot to show, not that I am wishing him on anyone.


Gaynor said...
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Gaynor said...

I think you are safe. The frog has decided to come to Ireland, it obviously likes the damp weather.
I have tried to do a RR which seems to be mainly outline on evenweave...not a lot of x-stitch. I have just realised I have mis-counted everything I have done tonight...too late to unpick it now so I think you will be safe for most of tomorrow. Ribbett!

Tanja said...

Yes I know what you mean by wanting to give up now and then! But sometimes I take a break, and then pick it up again when I feel fresh, and suddenly it goes a lot faster.

I have one piece here, a bird, almost finished, but with one little mistake, which I know I should unfrog and redo. But so far, it's still there and I haven't touched it. One day :-)


Anonymous said...

At least you frogged. I have been known to set a mistake like that aside for a year or two!! Your work is lovely. It always helps to have other projects, especially small ones to work on while doing something like your Thomas Kinkade. I have LOTS of unfinished projects...not sure if this is good or bad. SMILE.

Elena said...

How can I understand you about finding a small mistake and then to start over. My husband always saying me:"Who will know it?" And the answer is:"Me" No questions after that. Anyway don't feel bad about this. Take a break maybe!
Your postcard is so pretty!

Rudee said...

Well, I never would have seen the error in your work, but if it had been my mistake, I'd have redone it too. That's if I couldn't have turned it into a design feature! As usual, your work is beautiful.

zetor said...

OH I know what you mean, sometimes I think I shouldn't stitch at night when I am tired as I ALWAYS make mistakes then. The fabric postcard is pretty!

CathE said...

Don't give up on it. It's going to be fantastic when it's finished and you'll be glad and proud that you did it.

karen said...

It is so frustrating when that happens. You are a far better person than me though, my mistakes usually end up filed under 'rubbish'.!

Karan said...

Sorry to hear about the frog visit - pesky little blighter always seems to strike when you're motoring along quite nicely. Hope he's cleared off now..... althoughI don't want him. LOL :0)
Lovely postcards.