Tuesday, 21 October 2008

At last, I've got it

Well this week is definitely turning out the way I thought it would. Very busy and little time for knitting or sewing. It is going to be a matter of any little bit counts this week.

I did manage to get an hour or so this evening to knit and I am so glad that the pattern has finally sunk in. It has only taken the whole back to get it worked out. It certainly makes it quicker and easier not having to check the pattern all the time.

I did the ribbing last night and have managed to knit four repeats of the pattern tonight.

I will be so pleased if I can get this done this week. J's jumper was one of this months goals, and I have just about a week to finish. I think I will have one happy boy if I do.


averyclaire said...

He's very lucky to have such a lovely sweater/vest. You do beautiful work.

Rudee said...

It's beautiful.

MargB said...

I love your knitting - and admire your ability to get it done so expeditiously - mine gets stuck in UFO bundle so easily.

Elena said...

Wow! You always amaze me with your different talents! Your knitting is very beautiful!