Friday, 31 October 2008

TAST-Detached Chain Stitch

It may have taken a little while, but I have finished the other TAST block. This means I have now caught up with the stitch-a-long on Stitchin Fingers, and completed what I wanted to do for October. Such a good feeling.

This is the block as a whole. I have used the same threads as on the previous block and the buttons were from the box I received from Freecycle. The heart and butterfly embellishments were in my stash. I used detached stain to secure this ribbon and sequin string. The ribbons look just like chain stitches themselves.
This line of detached chain stitches look just like footprints. The buttons are secured into the curves of the pattern.

These detached chain stitches had beads attached.
Here I used the chain stitches to couch the ribbon along the seam.
This seam had detached chain stitch flowers. I think this is my favourite seam.

I have really enjoyed getting stuck in today and being able to concentrate on stitching, so much so, I think I might try it again tomorrow. That is, if our new family member will allow me-we have a kitten joining us tomorrow, and from experience, they tend to take up a lot of time.


karen said...

this is such a lovely piece of work! thanks so much for your thoughts too.

Rudee said...

That is stunning. I really like the looks of that seam.

Karoline said...

It's looking gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting the new kitten

Elena said...

Wow! That is a lot of delicate work! Love the flower chain seam a lot!