Monday, 17 November 2008

This one is mine

It has been another day that has run like clockwork and I have accomplished more than I set out to do. Such a good feeling and I am enjoying it while I can. I know it will all change later in the week and time will just disappear.

You may remember a couple of months ago I made some place mats. These were claimed by the boys, so finally today, I made one for me.

I did this one differently to the others, I decided not to quilt this one. The cats are on the front with the fabric below as the backing. Sandwiched between is some quilt batting to absorb the heat. (Photo taken before ironing)
Instead of using separate fabric to bind the edges, I took the backing around to the front edges and machine stitched into place.
After this, I also made a fabric postcard, but I can't post a picture as the recipient reads my blog. I'll post details as soon as I can. The boys liked it and J has requested I make one for him. I have already worked out the changes I would make if I did this one again.
As today as gone so well, I have also had time to get on with some cross stitch. I started the third section of the chart on the poppies I have been working on. I am hoping to have a relaxing evening with this tonight. I will post progress details tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow..I haven't read my favorite blogs for a couple of days and you have been so prolific...I feel like I missed all the action! Your work is lovely and you work so quickly. I am envious. The needlepoint is super. The sweater is gorgeous. Glad the illness is over. Have a good day.

Elena said...

Very pretty place mat! Love the fabric! Hope you had a relaxing evevning!

Angelcat said...

You really are getting so much done at the moment, well done you! I still feel so behind at the moment but have a day off work on Friday and plan to stitch until my fingers bleed, lol!