Sunday, 2 November 2008

B's Hat

I persevered with knitting B's hat though I wasn't particularly happy with the wool. It hasn't come out as bad as I was expecting, but I am still going to do another set for here.

The tab is just awaiting a button to be attached, which I will purchase after I have knitted the gloves. I can't start them until I can get some double pointed needles in the correct size. I am hoping to get that sorted this week. The pattern for this hat and the gloves come from the October issue of Knit Today and was designed by Liz Baxter.
I was sorting out some knitting patterns this morning that are going to a local knitting group. Whilst doing this, I found a shorter circular needle in the correct gauge, so the next hat I knit should be easier. I have found that the shorter needles are hard to come by and are more expensive than the standard sizes.
Sometimes a sort out can be a good thing, especially as I also discovered some more patterns that will be suitable for the boys.


Elena said...

Why don't you like this hat! I think you did an awesome job!

Wendy said...

This hat is wonderful. You should be proud.