Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Not much time today

As I expected, I didn't get much time today, so the left hand leaf has only grown a little. The stem has grown a little bit too. I would love to finish the leaf tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I will get enough time. The double pointed needles I needed for the gloves have arrived, and just by chance today, I found these buttons. The pink and purple ones are going to be perfect for B's gloves and hat. Not bad for 99p.
All being well I can get them knitted and sent of for her by the beginning of next week.


Rudee said...

Great price on the buttons. it should be very sweet.

Angelcat said...

What a great find on the buttons they are so cute! You'll be surprised how even a few stitches here and there adds up and you'll have made great progress before you know it.

Elena said...

Very cute buttons you found!
Thank you for leaving the nicest comments at my blog!