Saturday, 14 August 2010

Crocheted Squares

In between doing other things, I am trying to catch up on the crochet squares.  I had twelve waiting to be done.

Right from the start of this first one, I kept thinking something was wrong.  Two thirds of the way through, I realised what the problem was.  It was supposed to be done in double crochet, and I was doing treble!  This makes quite a difference, so out it all came.

Second time around, and it looked like it should.

Thankfully, the next one was a simple one, another granny square, so it was quick to do.
Only another ten to do,


Serena Lewis said...

Both are lovely....I like shape of the first one and the colours in the second one.

Terry said...

I love crocheted blocks! Yours are so pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing the next 10! :0)

Rudee said...

You're really doing well with the crochet. I like the blocks.

Terry said...

I had a knitting teacher who said the best knitters are the best unpickers. Guess it applies to everything we do.

The view you posted is very cute. Waiting to see more.