Friday, 27 August 2010

Another Fabric Basket

When I received the pack of fabric that included some of these, DS1 claimed a couple.  I did tell him he would be getting them, but not quite in the form he was expecting.

As I followed the tutorial for this one, it came out slightly smaller than the one for DS2.  I am sure he will say it's because he is less smelly! 

As he liked the dog fabric so much, I have used it for the lining.  I have again used the black canvas for the base and handles.
There is no excuse now for not putting their toiletries away, but I am sure they will find one.


Terry said...

They will be boys. I had 2 girls and I am only now with GS discovering a new species.
Like the idea and the results
Have a good weekend

Maggi said...

If only you could find a quilt pattern for making boys keep tidy! Come to that, if you could design one you would make a fortune.

Tudy said...

Great job. Like the dog print.

Annie said...

Love the blues on this one. We'll see how effective these baskets are for their intended purpose. I'm suspecting there will still be 'stuff' everywhere, but maybe you'll get lucky.

Terry said...

Well done again! Good luck keeping their stuff organized though! LOL