Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Co-ordinated pooch

The dog took over the cat basket as his own when he arrived, so the liner has got pretty hairy and needed a wash.  As it was being used so often, having another liner seemed a good idea.  There was still loads of fabric left over from making his quilts, so he gets a matching liner for the basket.

As it was for the dog, and he doesn't notice these things, I machine stitched the turning opening closed. 

Do you think he appreciates having matching bedding?  Being the typical male, I don't think he cares as long as he has somewhere warm to sleep!


Terry said...

Nice bed liner. No he doesn't care as long as it's warm. Our cat has a wheat bag for comfort.

creature comforts LOL

Annie said...

I bet your dog doesn't know how pampered he really is!

Maggi said...

I bet that deep down he does know how stylish his bedding is.