Saturday, 30 June 2012

Our House

With Jonathan's quilt out of the way, it means I can go back and finish some of  the other quilt tops on my shelf.
The houses quilt I did along with Terry was next in line.  It's backed with the same orange as the chimneys on the orange houses, and the binding is a dark blue.   I thought having a dark binding was perfect for all the bright colours in the quilt.  There is a hanging sleeve on the back, so it can be used flat or hung on the wall.

Thank you Terry, it was fun to do this with you, and almost as good as popping round  for a sewing session.

I even managed to get another two bonus crumb blocks done too.


Terry said...

Oh your house quilt is beautiful! I see what you meant yesterday about the yellow houses, but they look ok that way to me! And it was my pleasure to be sewing along together! :0)

Terry said...

The Houses are a burst of color I like them lots.
And 2 more crumb blocks bonus

Tudy said...

Beautiful. Mine is still not made into a top but hope to get into it soon.

Gina E. said...

This looks lovely. I saw a similar pattern in a magazine last week and thought of you immediately. But I'm not going to try this pattern yet. Maybe not at all - I'm not as quick as you and it would take me a lot longer. No wonder you haven't had time to comment on my blog lately!

Evie Jones said...

This quilt is lovely. I agree about the dark border. It makes the other colours pop!

Maggi said...

A really lovely and cheerful quilt.