Tuesday, 26 June 2012


There were four blocks leftover from Jonathan's quilt top, which originally, I intended to use to make pillowcases.  Since I made the quilt, he now has a settee in his room, so I thought a cushion cover to match would go nicely.
I echoed the quilting from the quilt and simply finished with an envelope style back.  He'll now have a decent sized cushion to go on his settee.

With all the quilt trimming, I managed to get a couple of crumb blocks too, nothing wasted here.


Tudy said...

Nice cushion cover and neat blocks.

Gina E. said...

I hope your sons realise how lucky they are to have a Mum who makes such nice things for them!
Another neat idea from you - to make up crumb blocks as you go, using up what you have left over from a current project. I wish I could be so organised!

Terry said...

Very nice! His room will be all color coordinated! :0)