Monday, 25 June 2012

Quick and easy

Many, many years ago, I bought a cushion cover, just because I liked it.  It wasn't a normal size or shape at the time, but I thought, it's commercially made and sold, no problem.
After several searches, I couldn't find a pillow form to fit, so away in the bottom of the cupboard it went.  We moved, and again, into the bottom of another cupboard it went.  I discovered it on one of my sort outs and thought, it's got to be used or it's got to go.

I decided, it would be quick and easy to make a cushion insert, so in five minutes, with some calico and toy filling, a simple pillow form was made.

Now on my settee, I have another cushion which fits perfectly in the small of my back.

You wouldn't believe how many cushion inserts I've seen now, but hey, this one cost less to make, so I'm happy.


Tudy said...

That is what you have to do when you can't find one to fit something.

Annie said...

Those pre-made pillow forms are often over-priced. A friend of mine buys cheap cushions from IKEA and re-covers them. Says it's the cheapest method for her!

Terry said...

Definitely much cheaper to make your own. I about fell over the one time I went to buy a pillow form! LOL

Linda said...

Good job. I'm glad you made one to fit. Your little pillow is lovely.

I went to buy a small pillow form the other day and was surprised at how expensive they are now...I didn't buy it and decided to make my own with scraps. I was happy I used some of my stash that wasn't quilt worthy and saved me some money too.