Friday, 29 June 2012

Something Completely Different

Over the next few weeks, there will be evidence of painting, but it will be connected with stitch too.  I am taking another of Karen's classes, this time An Embroiderer's Legder.  This is a process I've never attempted before, so it's both scary and enjoyable.
This is the start of my first page, the starting point being the card on the left.  I've used watercolour for the first line of colour sampling, and then card wrapped with thread, and of course some buttons.

For some reason the camera picked up the blue, which made the yellow really pop.
Surprisingly, I'm quite pleased with the start, it will be interesting to see how it moves on.


Evie Jones said...

Wow...this looks fabulous. I do love how you continually challenge yourself with different projects. Bravo.

Terry said...

Oh that's really pretty! I like it a lot! :0)

Wendy said...

This looks wonderful and interesting.

karen said...

don't be scared!!! that's an order from teacher!

Terry said...

exploration is growth Enjoy the journey Like the start