Monday, 11 June 2012

Time for the Dust to Settle

It's been a really hectic weekend.  I hired a car, and I haven't been seen for dust since Friday morning.  Both boys have been driven round Sheffield, picking up tools and stuff for the garden that can't be brought home on the bus, and Daniel has had a trip to Shropshire.  The car went back this morning, so hopefully, it will be a return to an almost normal routine this week.
Not being home has meant that anything crafty has had to take a back seat.  Apart from reading my book whilst waiting for Daniel, I did get a hexagon flower made, which was a bonus.

Now I'm back home I can hopefully finish these projects ready and waiting in their folders,

and maybe a few rows on the next knitting project.

Whatever gets done, I shall enjoy it.


Miriam said...

That is a busy (and usefull) weekend!

Tudy said...

Busy weekends are bad for crafting.

Terry said...

Have fun this week getting back to your normal schedule! :0)

Maggi said...

Beautiful colours on the flower. Enjoy your crafting this week

Rudee said...

Hmmm. Not sure I like being so busy on the weekend, but at least it's over now and you can let things get back to normal. Looking forward to seeing what's next on your needles.