Wednesday, 13 June 2012

At Last, A Finish

Well, I've been home, but it hasn't all been fun and games.  Housework had to be caught up on, ironing to be done, and the gardening was calling while the rain stopped for a short while.  It might not be much, but progress has been made, and however small it may be, progress in any amount is more than welcome.
I had some new threads arrive, so I could do a blue version of the "lavende" for "It's a little bit French".  This has now been put to one side for a bigger project at the end.
The next project was a joy to do, tiny hexagons are always welcome here.  The pink version has been made into a doily,

and the blue one is waiting to be finished into something else.

It may be done today, but Daniel is off for the day, so the owls are coming back out.  After hardly seeing the light of day last week, it's about time they had a decent outing.  The body will definitely be finished today-I hope.


Maggi said...

The lavender looks good in blue and I love the hexagons with the embroidery added.

Evie Jones said...

Those hex/embroidery pieces are just stunning. Good luck with the owls.

Terry said...

Your hexagons with the embroidery are so cute! :0)

karen said...

these are such pretty pieces Jane...and have I missed something? tools? DIY stuff? Car hire?