Friday, 8 June 2012

Bah, Humbug!

Some things don't go just as they should, but it is possible to turn it around.
I am trying to catch up with the "It's a Little Bit French" from Willowberry Designs.  In the bottom of my basket, I found I had done an extra piece to make a lavender bag. 

I went off to the machine, quite happy in the knowledge that I knew what I was doing, sewed the french seams only to realise I hadn't folded the fabric properly.  Instead of having the seam going up the centre back, it was at the side.  This meant the stitching was in the wrong place.

I wasn't going to undo two lots of stitching and came up with the idea of making a humbug.  I filled the bag with lavender, folded and stitched across the top, and have a unique, lavender filled humbug.  Mistakes don't always mean things are ruined!

Another treasure found at the bottom of the basket, was some cotton leftover from the panda.

Having a son that loves black, I've crocheted a black face cloth.  Waste not, want not seems to be the perfect motto for this house at the moment.


Terry said...

You were smart to make that stitchery into something useful! Good job using up the leftover black yarn too! :0)

Annie said...

Aren't you the clever one! The bag is lovely. I've always thought I have more fun finding a way to recover from my errors than actually doing things the 'correct' way. Lucky for me since I make a lot of mistakes!

Rudee said...

Well I like the lavender bag even if it didn't turn out the way you'd planned.

Evie Jones said...

In this house that's know as a design feature! ;-)
We get a lot of them here!

karen said...

well I for one love the idea of a lavender filled should copyright it. Call it innovation!

Tudy said...

It always is good to think fast when things do not go right. Good job.