Friday, 22 June 2012

Up, not down

After catching up with "It's  a little bit French", the level in my work basket was going down, but then the post man came.  The next instalment of the Art of Crochet arrived. 
The parcel was opened, and three blocks later, the level had dropped again, but then I made a big mistake.  I sorted out a magazine rack underneath my sewing table.

Now look at my basket, it's overflowing again.  Looks like I'll have to get busy before I sort out the next one, I hate to think of the hidden gems there might be in there.


stitcheranon said...

Love the colours of your crotchet..I have so much to do but havent had a chance to sit and do it...seeing how productive you are inspires as always so I had better sort out my priorities and put needle to thread lol

Tudy said...

Nice blocks. The basket never gets empty. That is just life.

Terry said...

Your basket it like mine! It seems to be bottomless! LOL

Rudee said...

Oh I like those blocks quite a bit.

I need to clean out my project bag, too, but it seems when I do, I find other yarns in there that make me want to cast on something new. I fear it's a never ending cycle.

Sue said...

Your blocks look great. Craft baskets have a lot in common with binary fission, I think. lol