Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pen and Paint

I'm taking baby steps with my Ledger page.
The next colour strip was done with fine liners.  As there was only a limited range of colours, it changes the look, becomes more vibrant.  My pencils haven't arrived yet, so I decided, in the interest of progress, I'll leave those for another page, and carry onto the next step.

I painted a strip of white, and once that was dry, painted over the top.  I am no artist, but I thoroughly enjoyed this section.  This is yet to be embellished a bit more with stitch, and I have my first embroidery piece damp stretching.

This has been a very interesting process, I have another project I want to do, springing directly from this page.  It may take a while, so don't hold your breath, but watch this space.


Terry said...

cool that you are already getting inspiration.

Gina E. said...

You find some very unusual/challenging projects to do, Jane! I guess when you do a lot of the straightforward patterns as you do, and do them so fast, something different makes a nice change. I'm curious to see how this ends up. I went to Karen's site, but couldn't make head or tail of what she was doing! (I'm dense, I know)

Terry said...

That looks wonderful! You're doing well with this! :0)

Evie Jones said...

This is so beautiful, I'm not surprised that you are already inspired. I can't wait to see what springs from this page.