Saturday, 16 June 2012

Owl Update

It's not been a bad week for working on the owls.  It's just as well, as I thought I was going to be boyless for ten days this month, but their holiday has been put back due to the bad weather.  I'll get a weekend free, but have lots of paperwork to catch up with.
I managed to get all the cross stitch done on the owl,

and then after several hours, the back stitch detail was done.  You can't see the full extent of it on this photo, but believe me, it went on forever.

I had a good laugh when I too the photo, the camera came up with a warning-"blink detected"!  I don't think I could ask for a better compliment to my stitching.

I am now working on the foliage to the left which will complete another page of instructions.


Terry said...

They look great! That's too funny about the blink! LOL

Tudy said...

You did a great job. They do look real.

Terry said...

Blink ??? whoo whoo. Too Funny
The stitching is beautiful.

Enjoy as much of the weekend as possiable.

Rudee said...

They're beautiful owls.

Evie Jones said...

Ah..the camera never lies! These are very lifelike and beautifully done.

Annie said...

I've never known a camera to be so complimentary. But your perfect owl eyes are perfect ... well worth the effort!