Saturday, 10 October 2009

Leaf Rubbing Autumn Postcard

Over the next month or so, I have about 8 or 9 fabric postcards to send out, all with a autumn theme.

This is the first one complete. I've always loved doing rubbings, whether it was leaves, stone, bark, or plaques.  I thought I would try and use some in these postcards and maybe some wallhangings. 

First, I did the leaf rubbing using crayon, which I then fixed with the iron and some kitchen paper.  I added the border using fabric from my stash and used some recycled felt for the middle.  The buttons were then stitched on, and using the same colour thread, I used small running stitches to highlight the veins.

One down, eight more to go!

I have also been working on the montana tunic for the KAL.  This has actually had to be done twice, due to a silly mistake, but I am getting there, eventually!

 It won't be this shape , but the front is on a stitch holder.  Hopefully, the front will get completed tonight, and we can see the proper shape.


Gaynor said...

That is beautiful...really effective. I am very envious, it is gorgeous.
Another one to add to the 'learn how to' pile ;-)

Terry said...

I haven't done a rubbing since I was a child! It looks great done that way! :0)

Elena said...

Very beautiful postcard! What a neat technique!
Sorry about the mistake in knitting, but I know you will finsich it soon and it look gorgeous! :)

Rudee said...

Oh, I love that cable! It's so pretty.

The card is nice, too. I have a friend who did a crayon rubbing of a manhole cover in New Orleans for me. I love it!

Sandy said...

I too enjoy rubbings and definitely will try that one...very pretty!

Annie said...

What a fabulous idea. The rubbing makes a beautiful card.

Your knitting looks beautiful as always. You knit so fast that you can do it twice in the time most people just get started!