Saturday, 24 October 2009

I'm back

Thank you to all those that have emailed wondering where I have been.  I have been using my creative talents in other areas.  I have seen how much you can get into a box room and still have it usable as a bedroom!  On top of this, we have been out everyday with activities for the children. Now D's bedroom is organised, we have to go and reorganise J's.  Some of the sorting out has been done, but furniture moving will be done next week.

I have had the odd moment to spend doing some knitting, but nothing to show just yet, but I have managed to make a crochet hook roll.  Someone has asked for two, one for 20 hooks, and another to use on the move that holds 6.

This is inside and has been made very much like the crayon rolls, but with enough to have a fold down flap.

Hopefully, this should stop any needles from sliding out.

Here it is all rolled up and secured with a ribbon.  I have a smaller one to complete using the same fabric which I hope to do this weekend.  I am hoping to do a few of these as they could also be used to hold tatting hooks and parchment craft tools.


Elena said...

So glad you are back!!!
Love this crayon holder!

hokgardner said...

Those would also make perfect holders for straight knitting needles!

Annie said...

Great way to store those hooks. I ought to make one for knitting needles. I thought I had every size, but had to buy one more today. Those needles are taking over!

Karan said...

Sounds & looks like you've been very busy. Great way to store hooks. :0)