Friday, 11 December 2009

Number 4 and a postcard received

As I expected, this week has been full of coming and going, and it's been a matter of grabbing the odd minute here and there to stitch.  These clowns have been ideal as they are very simple and quick to do.

Number 4 is now ready to join his friends and wait for the next five to be stitched.

In the post yesterday, I received this lovely postcard from Mary Lou in the USA.  This is part of the autumn exchange on Stitchin Fingers.  I know there is at least one more travelling it's way to me.

After a tiring day, there is nothing more that a girl likes than to have a bit of TLC.  However, this is the price you have to pay if you let DS2 massage body lotion into your legs and feet!

I'm not sure how much is left in  the bottle after that!


karen said...

the softest, smoothest legs in Sheffield!

Annie said...

I guess when you are a crafter, everything looks like an opportunity for a handicraft!

Another cute clown and a very pretty postcard for your autumn collection.

Sue said...

rofl Boys are the same the world over. DS would do something like that to me....I think those clowns just keep getting cuter. It is surprising how much can be completed with a few minutes here and there. Lovely postcard, too!

Gina E. said...

LOL! Did he actually get around to massaging your legs, or just walk away after drawing the face?! My DH hasn't given me a massage in many I wish we'd had kids, but only if I could choose one like yours!

Elena said...

Clown is so cute!
Love the card you received, what a pretty colors!

Karan said...

Lovely postcard - love the colours. :0)
LOL - not much left, I guess. :0)