Monday, 28 December 2009

For my Budding Artist

With the children away, it means I can make them things without having to pack up half way through so they can't see.  One of those items was a paintbrush holder for D.  He is beginning to get quite a collection of papers and paints, so I thought I would help him on his way with some different paintbrushes.  The ones I have here for the children aren't so specialised-I did have a couple of expensive ones I bought for myself, that they weren't allowed to touch.  You know what young children do to paintbrushes.  Now he is older and doing more painting, he is needing specialised brushes.

I thought this fabric would be just the thing, it reminds me of the pictures we used to get when they were younger.

I used some white fabric for the lining and some blue that I had to form the pockets.

The top folds over, then it is rolled up and tied to keep closed.

Now all he has to do is to remember to clean the brushes properly and put them away when he's finished with them.  Mmm, think that might take a little longer to accomplish.


stitcheranon said... the patern too

Knitting Linguist said...

It might, but with such a wonderful case to put them all away in, maybe it won't take as long as it might!

pendlestitches said...

Well...if that doesn't inspire clean brushes, nothing will.

It's fabulous!!

Nancy in Dallas said...

I think this is so cute! I agree, this would indeed inspire clean

Annie said...

What a cool case. A great way to encourage him.

Gina E. said...

Very nifty! This brought back memories of a pencil case I had when I was a kid at school. I don't know if Mum made it, or whether I made it myself in a craft lesson at school, but I loved having my pencils safely tucked away inside it.

Karan said...

I've got one who is 23 & he still has to be reminded to clean things up after a job! LOL Prefect fabric for it. Like the pretty draught excluders you made too. :0)