Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Second Pebble

The second pebble is now complete.  Here are some of the secrets beneath the surface.
This is a corn cushion, which I then trimmed,

and trapped it with a few stitches between two pieces of calico.

Next, this tiny muscle shell,

goes next to the ring,  The embellishing can then commence.

This is the stitching complete, a button has been added too.

Made up into a pebble,

And a beginning of a collections.


stitcheranon said...

Just amazing..what stitches did you use?

Maggi said...

Another lovely pebble. You will soon have a beach full.

Annie said...

So cool! With my bad feet, I have a ready supply of those corn cushions. Never thought of them as part of my crafty stash!

Terry said...

A collection of these is going to be lovely! :0)

Linda said...

So pretty, great ideas.

Anonymous said...

So very beautiful. You are very clever.